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What are the PSI Leadership Seminars?

In an empowering environment of honesty and accountability, you will come to own your personal power and discover what it means to be a leader. You’ll learn to inspire great loyalty and trust in others and encourage people to reach their goals. You’ll build every-stronger, trust-basted relationships with people, create an inspiring vision for the future and help others do the same.
The purpose of these seminars is to create leaders, empowered by their wholeness, and committed to living their vision by actively contributing to the world.

Become a better leader and live a richer life!

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Men’s Leadership (MLS) examines and challenges the fundamental principles by which you live. Rather than accepting traditional male and female stereotypes-or rebelling against them-you will be challenged to think for yourself in an empowering environment of honesty. Your reward in this powerful 10-day seminar is clarity and authenticity, and full ownership of your masculinity as you define it.

Whether you’re a high-powered executive, a mid-level manager, just starting your career or a student, you will discover your potential for leadership at MLS. Working alongside other teams, you’ll bring forth a natural ability to inspire and motivate others to action, and communicate ideas more clearly and powerfully.

[layerslider id=”9″] Primarily conducted at PSI’s Educational Center near Clearlake Oaks, California, MLS will teach you to celebrate your masculinity and experience renewed appreciation and respect for those around you.

Blending intellectual and physical activities in indoor and outdoor settings, MLS demands excellence from every participant. You’ll be faced with obstacles and challenges that at first seem impossible to overcome. But in the end, you will be a winner with a clear and compelling vision of who you are.

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Inspire others to action and fully contribute to the greater good.


What principles would you stake your life on? Do you have the courage to live by those principles? Whether you’re a Fortune 500 executive shattering the “glass ceiling”, a mid-level manager, a young woman starting a career, a stay-at-home mom, or a student, Women’s Leadership will challenge you.

For nine days, you will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to discover who you really are and uncover your true greatness. You will learn what it takes to be empowered, and what may be stopping you from becoming the woman you truly want to be. You will learn the depths of strength, passion and the massive abilities you have at your disposal at all times.

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You will learn what it takes to achieve more balance in your life and become a fully empowered woman capable of greatness at any moment. By establishing your true vision – for yourself and your world – you will learn to celebrate your femininity in its entirety and come into balance with those around you. You will walk away from these incredible nine days grounded in knowing your true capabilities and potential. Along the way, you will be connected to a community of powerful female leaders that redefines the meaning of support, cooperation, success and sisterhood.

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Ignite your enthusiasm, create an inspiring vision for the future and help others achieve their goals!

Make today be the day you commit to achieving your full potential. Join us for our Leadership Seminars and inspire yourself and those around you!
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“To back down from fears, doubts and failure is the way of the follower. To face them and go on stronger is the way of the leader.”

Thomas D. Willhite

PSI Leadership Seminars are a transformation experience where you discover how inspire yourself and others to achieve greatness!
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